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My journey of physical education has exposed me to many great ideas about health and wellness. When I was growing up, I received so much information about my body and its health that was flat out wrong! Through my programs, group training events, private training and my blog/newsletter, I intend to bring you only the truth about your physical self. Inspired by the movement and balance of nature, my way of Being is adaptable to almost any population: athletes, weekend warriors, kids, adults, men, women and everyone in-between. Join me on the path towards an educated existence. 

My name is Sam Turpin and I am the owner of True Physical Education. I have been an athlete for most of my life, starting at age 4. Once I became a middle schooler, I started to take my physical training very seriously; but that doesn't mean I did everything right. Through training highly repetitive movements in poor form and with poor instruction I slowly ruined the foundation of my athleticism. Once I got to college, I didn't have the same athletic outlets that I had thrived on in middle and high school. This drew me towards other practices like Yoga and Qigong. Eventually, I landed face first into martial arts. As I deviated from my original athletics (basketball, soccer and tennis) I started to notice an in-balance in my body. The way that I was training for my middle and high school sports had been with one intention, being the best I could be at those sports, especially basketball. This led to hours of jumping of one leg without training the other leg; hours of "core" exercises until my abs hurt. All the while only getting slightly stronger and I think its debatable wether or not I became better due to my strength and movement training. Once I stopped training for these sports I noticed a myriad of "holes" in my body and its movement capacity. 

So I took to the books, headed into yoga classes and started training to become a NASM CPT. This journey to discover a better way to train has increased my awareness of training modalities and now I have reached a higher level of body awareness and understanding. Everyday this journey continues and I am humbled by the knowledge I have yet to acquire. This website and my services are an attempt to bring others along with me towards an altogether better existence. Helping people move, breathe and feel at their best is the driver that shoves me out of bed in the morning. I can't think of a more fulfilling way to give back to a world that has given me such a wonderful life experience. 

With the help of NASM I am a certified personal trainer and a corrective exercise specialist.







With the guidance of Oxygen Advantage I have become a certified breathing instructor.














Currently, I am also pursuing a bachelors of science in Foods and Nutrition at San Diego State University, and it won't stop there. I aim to know what there is to know about being healthy, happy, safe and fulfilled. If you care to learn from me and with me, subscribe to this site and send me an email.


Your journey and mine have a similar road.


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