What is a Sam?

Thinking about fighting, physiology, music or food

Sweet curly locks on full blast! I don't look this cool anymore :,(

Food hole that is also useful for teaching you how to punch someone or breathe correctly

Listening hole for taking your complaints and suggestions

Breathing hole! Nose breathing is key ;) 

I am a coach, plain and simple. I have been a coach since I was old enough to turn around and assist in coaching my younger sister in sporting events, soccer and basketball, around the age of 10 after falling in love with those sports.

I am a driven competitor. I train everyday, usually multiple times a day. My attention is on a life of combat sports and enlightened practice. 

I am a seeker. I seek the truth of our existence and that trickles down to the truth of health/fitness, combat and all of my other disciplines (music, writing, dance etc.). 

My whole thing is that we are missing something with how we approach health and fitness... really life in general. I am aiming to build a community of people who feel the same way. If you are interested in sustainable farming/living, expanding your consciousness, learning new skills or just finding more people who are curious like you,

welcome, me too.




Phone: 1-619-736-2933

(text preferred)

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