Breath Test

Don't stress, this test is not for a grade. Find out how well you breath for your own education. 

BOLT Score

A BOLT (or Breathing Oxygen Level Test) score is the number of seconds you can comfortably hold your breath. 

To perform a BOLT score you should follow these steps:

  1. Get a timer to record your BOLT

  2. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down

  3. Take a normal breath in and out the nose

  4. After completing your exhale pinch your nose and close your mouth to start your breath hold.

  5. Once you have started holding your breath, start your timer.

  6. As soon as you notice the first definite desire to breathe, stop holding your breath and stop your timer.

  7. Your BOLT score will be the number of seconds you held your breath for. 

Use the track below to help guide your way through taking a BOLT score.

BOLT Score - Sam Turpin
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Breathing Mechanics

To test your breathing mechanics, stand in front of a mirror and notice your breathing motion.

What are you looking for?

  1. Rising of the shoulders

  2. Puffing of the chest 

  3. Expansion of the abdomen

Quality breathing mechanics are hard to see and hear. If you can easily notice that your shoulders or chest rise and fall, your breathing mechanics need work. If you mainly notice a soft expansion of the abdomen or lower torso than you are on the right track! 


Disordered Breathing


Shoulders raising and heaving on each breath during rest. Breath is often loud and through the mouth. Ability to perform exercise is greatly limited because of early exhaustion. Often feeling "winded" during simple tasks. 



<10 seconds

Impaired breathing


Noticeable upper torso motion at rest and shoulder heaving during exercise. Mouth breathing during basic  activity and over-breathing during rest.





<20 seconds 

Adequate Breathing


Reduced upper torso motion but breathing is still fairly visible. Able to perform some activities with nasal breathing (walking, light jogging, weight lifting).





20-40 seconds

Healthy Breathing


Subtle motion of the torso at rest (mainly an easy expansion of the lower ribcage). Silent and slow breathing even during moderate activity. Quick recovery after high intensity exercise. 


40 + seconds

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